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  • Abdullah Muhammad.jpg

    Abdullah Muhammad

    Illustrator & Graphic Designer

  • Adam.web.jpg

    Adam Abdelghaffar

    Visual Artist & Filmmaker

  • Ahmad Abdelhameed pic.jpg

    Ahmad Abdelhameed

    Illustrator & Animation Director

  • 18238759_10154392157317623_6162455113122

    Ahmad Hammoud

    Graphic Designer

  • Ahmad S. Abi.jpg

    Ahmad S. El Abi

    Creative & Art Director

  • Ahmed Thabit pic.jpg

    Ahmad Thabit

    Illustrator & Animation Filmmaker

  • Ahmed Badr picture.jpg

    Ahmed Badr


  • ahmed habashy.jpg

    Ahmed El Habashy

    Art Director, Animation & Film Director

  • Ahmd hafez younis pic.jpg

    Ahmed Hafez Younis

    Art & Creative Director

  • Ahmed Hefnawy pic.jpg

    Ahmed Hefnawy

    Illustrator, Product & Object Designer

  • Ahmed Mosaad.jpg

    Ahmed Mosaad

    Art Director

  • Ahmed Saad.jpeg

    Ahmed Saad

    Screen/copy writer and Comics Artist 

  • Ahmed Shalaby

    Ahmed Shalaby

    Visual Artist

  • Akram William.jpg

    Akram William


  • Alaa el Hadidy picture.jpg

    Alaa El Hadidy

    Graphic Designer

  • Ali heraize picture.jpg

    Ali Heraize

    Media & Graphic Designer

  • Alia Wahby.jpg

    Alia Wahby

    Traditional animator, illustrator and member of “Daad Geem” art collective

  • AmroThabit-juryPicture.jpg

    Amro Thabit

    Associate Creative Director and Illustrator

  • Andeel Picture.jpg


    Professional Cartoonist

  • Archief Cairo.jpg

    Archief Cairo

    Experimental Design Bureau

  • Aya Marzouk.jpg

    Aya Marzouk

    Illustrator and member of “Daad Geem” art collective

  • Engy Aly.jpg

    Engy Aly

    Graphic Designer

  • Eslam Abo Elenien.jpg

    Eslam Abo Elenien

    Art Director

  • Eyen Design.png

    Eyen Design

    Design Collective

  • Farah Abbas

    Farah Abbas

    Illustrator/ Production Designer

  • Farid Nagy.jpg

    Farid Nagy

    Comic Artist

  • George Azmy pic.jpg

    George Azmy


  • Hani Mahfouz.jpeg

    Hani Mahfouz

    Visual Artist & Graphic Designer

  • Hany Rashed pic.jpg

    Hany Rashed


  • Hazem Kamal pic.jpg

    Hazem Kamal


  • Hicham Rahma pic.jpg

    Hicham Rahma

    Graphic Designer & Illustartor

  • Hussein Salem.jpg

    Hussein Salem

    Graphic Designer & Illustrator

  • Ibraheem Youssef pic.jpg

    Ibraheem Yousef

    Multi-disciplinary Creative

  • LamaGamgoum.jpg

    Lama Gamgoum

    Graphic Designer

  • Maged El Sokkary.jpg

    Maged El Sokkary

    Art Director & Visual Artist

  • full-maged-nassar.jpg

    Maged Nassar

    Film Director

  • Mahmoud Hamdy.jpg

    Mahmoud Hamdy

    Multidisciplinary Artist / Filmmaker

  • Maram El Refaei

    Maram El Refaei

    Visual Communication/ Graphic Designer

  • Mariam El Reweny

    Mariam El Reweny


  • Menna Diaa.jpg

    Menna Diaa

    Graphic designer/Visual artist 

  • Menna Hamdy.jpg

    Menna Hamdy

    Illustrator and member of “Daad Geem” art collective

  • Mohammed Shennawy.jpg

    Mohammed Shennawy

    Illustrator & Graphic Designer

  • Mostafa Youssef pic.jpg

    Mostafa Youssef

    Architect & Comic Designer

  • Muhammad Mustafa.jpg

    Muhammad Mustafa


  • Nada Adel.JPG

    Nada Adel

    Graphic Designer & Illustrator

  • Nada Elsibaey.jpg

    Nada ElSibaey

    Graphic designer, collage artist and member of “Daad Geem” art collective

  • Nelly El Sharkawy.jpg

    Nelly El Sharkawy

    Conceptual Street & Architectural Photographer and Architect

  • Nora B&W_edited.jpg

    Nora Aly


  • NORAZEID_Photo.jpg

    Nora Zeid

    Illustrator, Designer and Visual Artist

  • Omar Gamal.jpeg

    Omar Gamal El Din

    Architect & Digital Artist

  • Omar Mobarek.jpg

    Omar Mobarek

    Graphic Designer

  • Paula Amin.jpg

    Paula Amin

    Illustrator and an Animation director


    Popular Arab Fashion

    Fashion enthusiast,  celebrity culture specialist & Arab divas data collector and consultant

  • Qarm Qart Pic 2.jpg

    Qarm Qart

    Artist and Writer

  • Raghda Moataz.jpg

    Raghda Moataz

    Graphic Designer & Art Director

  • Salma El Gamal pic.jpg

    Salma Al Gamal

    Illustrator & Visual Artist

  • Salma Hafez.jpg

    Salma Hafez

    Traditional animator, illustrator and member of “Daad Geem” art collective

  • Sarah Mossallam pic.jpg

    Sarah Mossallam

    Illustrator & Art Director

  • Sedki Alimam.jpg

    Sedki Alimam

    Multidisciplinary Designer, Illustrator, and Art director

  • Shanwar Badr.jpg

    Shanwar Badr


  • Sherine Salla.jpg

    Sherine Salla

    Graphic Designer

  • Sherif Samy.png

    Sherif Samy

    Visual Artist and Interactive Designer

  • Sohila Khaled

    Sohila Khaled


  • Tarek Abdelkawi.jpg

    Tarek Abdelkawi

    Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Musician

  • Toka Assal.jpg

    Toka Assal

    Graphic Designer and Illustrator

  • Valerie Arif.jpg

    Valerie Arif

    Independent Graphic designer and Creative director

  • Walid Taher pic.jpg

    Walid Taher

    Cartoonist & Illustrator

  • Yoakim Eli.jpg

    Yoakim Eli

    Illustrator & Graphic Designer

  • Youssef Ayman pic.jpg

    Youssef Ayman

    Illustrator & 3D Based Designer

  • Zainab_Alshibani_portrait1.jpg

    Zainab Al-Shibani

    Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist

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