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Inktober is a challenge that Jake Parker started in October, 2009. Parker is a short-story comics creator, concept artist, illustrator, and animator who started Inktober to improve his inking skills as well as develop positive drawing habits. Inktober takes place each October where artists around the world join the challenge of creating a new ink illustration every single day, during the whole month. 


In essence of this artistic month, Cairopolitan will invite artists or artist duos to host 10 workshops throughout the month of October, through which the venue of the workshop will shuffle between Cairopolitan and the artist’s own studio to ensure that each workshop offers a different and unique experience and is structured differently than the one before or after as well as for us to experience different parts of Cairo where we get to visit the artists in their studios and be part of their everyday working process.    


Each workshop will be organized by a different artist who will discuss and teach their different illustration techniques to the participants. The workshops will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 5 pm to 9 pm throughout the entire month of October. The venues will change between Cairopolitan and the Artists’ Studios.


12 Different Artists will come to share their work and talk about their experience, the artists are:



Ahmed Abdelhameed


Hani Mahfouz

George Azmy

Hany Rashed

Ahmed Saad

Ahmed Nady

Fawaz & Maalouf

Hefnawy & Shennawy 


Each workshop costs 300 EGP but for those who would like to attend more we will be offering the following:

4 workshops: 5th free 

8 workshops: 9th and 10th free


Places are limited to 15 participants per each workshop, so please make sure to book in advance. (at least two days before the workshop.)


For booking press here: