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We are a design concept store and art gallery based in garden city, driven by the belief that it's not only our pharaonic history that embodies the spirit of Egypt but rather the practical details of contemporary life in Cairo that has become home for all subcultures along the years. Branding the city is what we aim for with our product lines documenting objects of our daily lives to promote the true Egyptian identity.

How We

Got There. 

The name Cairopolitan was inspired from the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown in 2006 after the first idea of a product came to mind. We started off in a small studio in Old Cairo where we experimented with ideas and techniques to create a variety of prototypes to insure the best quality is achieved. Finally 12 years later we finally opened our doors to the public in July 2018 with a new and larger space to share our passion with you all.


Do It. 

We observe every detail of Cairo's streets till a light bulb shines over our heads with a new idea that we take to our in-house workshop that is equipped with a skillful team of many talents, to experiment with like a mad scientist. It starts off with finding a new function for what we like to think of as icons of the city to create a collection of prototypes until it is perfected to then try out a variety of different materials found in the Egyptian market. Products of great detail are produced fully in our workshop, however, products that include materials such as pottery and metalwork are made in specialized local workshops. 

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