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Solo show by
Adam Abdelghaffar


Affiche Plaisir is a project that reflects on and redesigns iconic movie posters. It is a project that brings together Adam's biggest passions: Cinema and Art. Perhaps born as a result of his frustration from the commercial posters depicting main actors, his take is one that comes from a deep understanding of every movie and of the message it is sending. It is also an homage to these masterpieces.

“As a cinema lover, I’d like to be able to hang posters of movies I like in my house, but so far, the Arab world caters to the purely commercial, completely overlooking the aesthetics of the artwork”.

His posters can be described as minimalist and experimental, despite great diversity in styles. Affiche Plaisir has toured the Middle East in 2015 with exhibitions in Cairo, Tunisia, and Beirut. Adam has revisited movie posters from all three countries resulting in a collection of 45 Egyptian, Tunisian and Lebanese movies.

About the Artist

Adam Abd Elghaffar is a Visual Artist / Filmmaker. A former Creative Director in the field of advertising for 7 years, and the founder of Studio Adam for Visual Arts & Design. Abd El Ghaffar’s Affiche Plaisir project has been exhibited in Cairo, London, Beirut, and Tunis. His latest work as a filmmaker is "Fork & Knife" Short film.