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Farid Nagy

Comic Artist

Egyptian comic artist who was born on 30-11-1989 graduated from the faculty of fine arts graphic department in 2012. He worked at first as a caricaturist at many news paper and magazines. Now he works in the field of comics . He draws comics for children and for adults comic magazines like Garage magazine which was great experience to express himself .

He participates in many comics event all over the world, In 2016 he participated by his comic " Adam " in the exhibition of Fometto comix-festival at Luzern Switzerland . He also participated in " Arab comic today " exhibition in Angoleme Fance in 2018 by his comic " The Gray City " .

His comics were nominated to win from best 3 works at Cairo comics festival in Egypt in 2015 and 2017.

His inspiration in comics mainly comes from the city, personal experience and people in the streets..what do they think, and what are their dreams !? and also from political and social problems, and then he expresses all that in a philosophical way.

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