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Farida Ezzat

Graphic Designer

Farida Ezzat born in 2001, is currently a Graphic Design student in her 3rd year of university. She has a deep interest in arts of different mediums: digital, photography and acrylic paint are her strongest points. Her work is characterized by vibrant colors and textures, straying the furthest away from minimalism as possible. She mostly enjoys working on branding projects, but for her own non-commercial work she designs visuals and posters on her art account inspired by her mental state at the time or music which she enjoys. Alongside university, Farida likes to take on projects with newly rising businesses, from hoodie design with “Blitestyle” to logo and brand identity for “Habibi Edit”. She also has a deep love for fast-paced design workshops and has produced a variety of publications as an outcome of those workshops such as Lino and Riso printing, Letterpress, and code glitching visuals.