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Architect & Illustrator

Kemetic Blue is an Egyptian architect & illustrator based in Rodez, France. Before moving to France, he worked on a number of heritage projects at Abydos, the Giza Pyramids, and the Valley of the Kings among others. His work has been published in French, Swiss & Finish publications as well as exhibited in Skopje, Montreal, Paris, Nantes & Alexandria. In his illustrations, he explores the elimination of scale between architecture and objects. Playfully blurring and confusing the line that defines what is an object and what is a building, he creates a world within a world through an anti-perspective lens. In his Maquette Workshop series, he examines themes of production in the pre-industrial world inspired by 16th-19th century workshop illustrations, as well as, ancient Egyptian wooden workshop maquettes and production scenes found in tombs.