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Mahmoud Abdel-Ghany

Graphic designer

Mahmoud Abdelghany is an Egyptian graphic designer based in Cairo. He specializes in designing brand identities and uses type design as his magic formula within his graphic work. For the past 8 years he studied and worked on Arabic calligraphy and typography, and visual branding for several entities including BMW, Volkswagen, MINI, Ford, Pirelli, KFC & Almarai. Mahmoud has created his own style in type design which is inspired from classics with a modern touch to respond to today’s needs. Mahmoud’s first typeface ‘Gali Modern’ was released in 2019. His poster was selected in the third round of 100 Best Arabic Posters, 2020 and later exhibited in UAE and Belgium. His second typeface ‘Barbaros’ was featured in BranD magazine in Hong Kong, 2021.