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Mahynour El Sawa

Graphic Designer

Mahynour El Sawa is an Egyptian graphic designer and illustrator born in 1999. She studied Applied Sciences and Arts in the German University in Cairo, and got a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design. Mahynour’s style is bold, playful, and energetic. Her work was exhibited in the university’s exhibition for 4 consecutive years. She was accepted in “World Art Dubai Exhibition 2021”, branded Vogue-featured international brand “Nourhan Sawa”, and got her poster featured on the social media account of Germany-based publishing house, “Slanted publishers”. Mahynour is currently finishing her Pre-Masters project about Egyptian Cinema, where she is a part of the initial design team working on the Imaginary Realities publication in collaboration with Slanted Publishers. The publication will feature more than 10 posters of hers.