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Maram El Refaei

Visual Communication/ Graphic Designer

I'm Maram Al Refaei, a 2019 graduate and Visual Communication and Graphic Designer with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences from the German University in Cairo. I’ve been interested in the notions of communication, culture, and self-expression for as long as I can remember. As a designer, I’m emotionally connected and passionately persistent. I have substantial beliefs in the importance of visual communication and self-expression. I’m constantly yearning to learn more through observation. Most of all, the reason behind becoming a visual communication designer is my willpower to make people feel something. Just something, or nothing. Currently, and directly after graduating, I had the incredible chance to practice all these meanings through co-founding “Archief Cairo Studio” “أستوديو أرشيف القاهرة” with my amazing ones Ryan Vicente Lee Grees, Hana Neuman, and Yara Ismail. What is ongoing now is my team up with “One Hundred Best Arabic Posters Competition” “أفضل مائة ملصق عربي” as a Graphic Designer and duo with my friend Hana Neuman revisioning and recreating its identity for this year's Third Round. I also had the wonderful opportunity to join “Kairo for Ideas” where I work now as a Graphic Designer.