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Nora Zeid

Illustrator, Designer and Visual Artist

Nora Zeid is an illustrator, designer, and visual artist based in between Cairo and Dubai. Her
practice is both complex and accessible, seeking to spark conversations without excluding
general audiences.
Having worked as a graphic designer for a few years, Nora shifted her focus to her visual arts
and illustration practice. She has done work for clients such as VICE, Matter, Dubai Culture,
and Dubai Design District. She holds a B.S in Visual Communication from the American
University of Sharjah.
Nora has participated in exhibitions including 'Cairo Prints Exhibition - Edition II’ (Cairo,
2021) and SIKKA Art Fair (Dubai, 2019). Her comic titled ‘East of Home’ has been published
in Sharjah Art Foundation’s anthology ‘Corniche 2020’. She held her first solo exhibit entitled
‘Cairo Illustrated: Stories from Heliopolis’ at Taskheel in 2021.