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Shanwar Badr


Shanwar is a Cairo-based illustrator. Graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the British University in Egypt and started working as a business developer, his artistic “career” followed shortly after being admitted as a self failed painter, failed writer, and he combined two failed passions to teach himself how to illustrate. He is the creator of shanwar illustrations, an online page featuring his shared artwork, as well as co-founding tabanga apparell in 2019, an online streetwear brand that aims to invade pop culture.

The reason why Shanwar chased art is not the result of any particular talent or ambition, he had to do what he's doing now because it never occurred to him that he could do anything else.

He enjoys writing as well as drawing and thankfully he found a medium that allows him to do both.

Shanwar’s style was shaped by combining the chaos of art with the discipline of structure. His artistic mission is to produce work that bridges the gap between the scripted humor used in mainstream media and real-life unscripted humor.

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