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Toqa Eissa

Visual Artist and Illustrator

Toqa Eissa born in 1998, is a visual artist and an illustrator based in Cairo. Spanning a wide range of mediums, her work mainly explores the relationship between Art and Science. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Arts from Helwan University in 2020. She has also studied Fine Arts for a year at the Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design in Wales, on an ERASMUS+ grant. She currently works as a Teaching Assistant at Modern Sciences and Arts University and has participated in several workshops and exhibitions. Some of the most recent ones were: “The Youth Salon 32nd annual exhibition” in Cairo Opera House 2022, “Naema`s Office is Bleeding” in Medrar for Contemporary Art, “The Youth Salon 31st annual exhibition” in the Cairo Opera House 2021, “My Favourite Things” exhibition in Mashrabia Gallery, “The Dream” exhibition in the museum of Ahmed Shawky 2020, “Roznama 7” with Medrar for Contemporary Art 2019, and “A day in” exhibition in TownHouse gallery 2019.