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Solo show by
Hani Mahfouz


For some, they need to practice a daily routine job that guarantees them the stability and basic living requirements as we know it. These might include continuous financial support, special social status or, any other advantages that differ from one person to another depending on their priorities. Those urgencies are usually the main motive behind their engagement in monotonous daily tasks without being bored or tired. Creative occupations are not an exception either. Although one might not be sure when would a "revelation" come during regular working hours, except feast days and public holidays, of course, the word "I got it" might not need a lot of effort from you to at least pronounce it! You can then convince whoever around you that you "got it" later.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life": This was one of the famous quotes attributed to Picasso, which I believe in, even if he never really said it. For me, the outcome is usually more important than the maker, although usually, the creator is more celebrated than his creation. While many art practitioners have benefited from the celebration around them to promote their work, even for their upcoming projects, I still consider my art more important than my status as an artist. Since time is the best judge, I can also claim that the fairest thing that happens on this planet remains our monetary reward for whatever we do in those 24 hours daily. So please, don't lose it even for few hours only, from 9 to 5!

"From 9 to 5" is a series of showings that will occur for two weeks, starting the last Sunday of every even month and for the next five months starting from September 2021 till May 2022. The artworks displayed in each exhibition will be related to the opening date and how the audience has received the previous show. All exhibited pieces result from Mahfouz's interaction with his surroundings, taking the element of time as a catalyst for it.

About the Artist

B. 1965 in Cairo, and graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University in 1988, Hani Mahfouz is one of a handful of artists seriously and repeatedly engaging with the daily life in Egypt and creating designs that use his unique visual elements to deepen our engagement with time and place. His ideas come from a wealth of different experiences; as a graphic, industrial, and lately fashion designer. Mahfouz founded his design studio, Hani Mahfouz Designs, AKA h|m|d, in 1997, and since then he is dedicated to create explicit art products that falls in between different design trajectories. To dive deeper into his world, we suggest to start from his talk at TEDx Cairo, "The Second Death", and take it from there to explore that exceptional world.