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Inktober is a challenge that Jake Parker started in October 2009. Parker is a comics short-story creator, concept artist, illustrator, and animator who started Inktober to improve his inking skills as well as develop positive drawing habits. Inktober takes place each October where artists around the world join the challenge of creating a new ink illustration every day of the month.

In the essence of this artistic month, Cairopolitan will organize a series of 6 workshops in 6 different locations in collaboration with 6 different artists.
Each workshop will be a full-day workshop where the participants will practice different illustrations styles taking as inspiration the surrounding location. In each workshop, participants will learn different art direction techniques for their illustrations using Risograph & Silkscreen printing at Cairopolitan.

The workshops will occur on a weekly basis during the month of October each Friday and Saturday in the following locations with the artists:

Muhammad Mustafa #1/10: Consoleya, Downtown Egypt - Cairopolitan
Hicham Rahma #2/10: House of Cheops, Giza Pyramids - Cairopolitan
Aya Tarek #8/10: Nile Yacht - Cairopolitan
Omar Mobarek #9/10: The Egyptian Museum - Cairopolitan
Sarah Mossallam #16/10: Giza Zoo - Cairopolitan

Akram William #22/10: Azhar Park - Cairopolitan

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