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Cairo's Coolest Posters under one roof!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Cairo’s art scene has been growing over the past few decades. We have been embracing, consuming and appreciating art with a constant yet increasing pace. Whether it is visual, fine or design art, we have found a way to fill our lives with all that is beautiful around us.

Some of the most important features of the art scene in Cairo are poster designs and postcards. We have always been known as a community that appreciate posters from film, art exhibitions and music albums, or even a store’s poster.

Cairopolitan has decided to share that love as well and become part of this extraordinary scene. We have realized that we held too much to vintage prints that we haven’t given our emerging and exceptional artists a chance to delve into that pool. therefore, we gave them a space of Cairopolitan to exhibit and sell their work for all print lovers out there.

We have gathered a handful collection of artists to explore this field and grow with us. Our prints family is now made up of 29 artists, all which produce artwork that speaks for itself. Those artists vary from illustrators like Ahmed Hefnawy, Mohammed Shennawy and Muhammad Mustafa, graphic designers like Hicham Rahma and Omar Mobarek, artists like Hany Rashed and George Azmy, multi-disciplinary creatives, visual artists and art directors like Ibraheem Yousef, Ahmed Hafez Younis and Maged el Sokkary.