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One Year of Branding the City

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

We are excited to be hosting our second Cairopolitan exhibition, only this time we are celebrating one year of sharing art with the public. The show is currently taking place in our beloved space in Garden City and will go on until the 5th of October.

This year’s show is featuring our newest collection of products, along with a tour around Cairopolitan’s premises.

Our annual show is a savoir faire for visual art enthusiasts who are interested in interacting with the city from a unique angle. But we haven’t forgotten about those of you who appreciate art too, even if it’s not your field of practice. This year’s show is featuring several collections that will serve all of you and each corner of your space. The show does not only feature our new collection of products but also prototypes of all our attempts to explore and perfect each piece for you.

We start our journey of our annual exhibition with Cairo’s most iconic features, the Lions of Kasr El Nile that have been guarding us for years. They have witnessed a great deal of events since they were first set up at the end of the 19th century. From romantic gestures, to the 25th of January revolution to everything in between, the lions brought together millions of people.

Rumor has it the lion on the right looking over Saad Zaghloul has golden coins buried under it and is haunted by Alfred Jaquemart, the artist that sculpted it.

The rumor is based on the fact that the sculptor committed suicide on that exact same spot due to his failed attempt to sculpt whiskers on the lions; and since that day he has been spiritually sticking around his lions. In appreciation to the lions of Kasr el Nile, we present to you a custom-made desk lamp that will light up your room as they have been lighting up Cairo’s streets.

Because we are always longing to go back home and have a nice dinner with our families, we dedicated an entire collection to our tableware, to make this ritual more embraced.

Our dining table is known to be one of the most important parts of our homes, we take care of it, use it and constantly change its décor. Because it is our get together area, our awaited Friday morning spot and our place for all gatherings, we have decided to give it significance in Cairopolitan. We have given our tables a chance to host some of Cairo’s most designated streets details, using our unique crafted tableware.

In our tableware collection you will find a variety of products that add a nostalgic twist to your home. From salt and pepper shakers to coasters and even mugs. Cairopolitan’s tableware collection is not just based on its aesthetic but it is focused on bringing back our favorite street details to life.

Our tableware collection is not just based on its aesthetic but it is focused on bringing back our favorite street details to life. We work with raw and recycled materials such as pottery, die-cast, wood and acrylic that stem from our forgotten yet greatest Egyptian workshops.

We tend to use for each product its original material as to keep its majesty and rawness. It helps us give you a product that appreciates the essence of our street details’ functions, material and features.

As most of us are now consumed with their studies and jobs, we barely have time to clean our spaces from dusty Cairo, so we tried to make this process a little easier, different and perhaps even a little bit fun. In our cleaning section we offer you a variety of products that will help you take care of your surroundings and keep your space clean. We give you miniature tools that offer you the same function as the original forms only for the most inaccessible places along with scent diffusers, consisting of our favorite scents, in the form of our favorite Cairene features.

" Clean your desk from food crumbs and refresh your air using our Cairo’s streets and home inspired cleaning collection! "

As mentioned above, our bodies have kind of been stuck to our desks, with all the schools, universities and jobs lining up. Which kind of makes the desk a really important part of our day and keeping it entertaining should be our mission, so we always stay motivated for work.

Our wide selection of stationary products will give you everything you need to relive and rediscover all the nostalgic feelings of our homes and streets’ features. In this collection we have gathered a variety of our beloved gadgets and locations to keep you company during work, your studies and even at home.

From appreciating all the fine art students with our Homerus sharpener all the way to our infamous cement blocks on each road that we have also so majestically turned into sharpeners, not only does this collection care about the aesthetic of your desk, but we also care about keeping it different. We present to you a collection of products, using Cairo’s streets and home inspired accessories, to serve you.

SharpArt™ and ConcreteLine™

This collection, unlike the actual cigarette pack, will keep your laptop safe. The most popular Egyptian cigarette pack, commonly known as 100 mm for heavy smokers, is here to make its way in your life again. Our tear-resistant Tyvek laptop sleeve “Cleopatra Pocket™” is made to fit your 15-inch laptop. The Tyvek material is a high-density polyethylene fiber that is known for its great durability. The material is very difficult to tear and is water resistant. We have chosen to work with this material to give you the best quality to keep your laptop intact. We also present to you the Super-Cleopatra Pocket for your 13-inch laptop.

Warning: Smoking is a harmful and leads to death.

Now it is time to go back in time and bring a gem from the good old days. We all remember the hype that spread throughout Egypt when cassettes were introduced in our cities. It was considered a revolution in the music production industry. We’ve all enjoyed our collection of cassettes, that it almost became a competition of who had the most and the latest cassettes.

Our summers were all about the new releases and the top hits. Since the introduction of streaming music online, the cassettes have lost their place in our city. Yet we still find ourselves nostalgic about them. In this collection we bring you a chain of memories in a cassette keychain. We have produced 3 eras of our favorite music albums; both for production and records. In our miniature cassette collection, you will find all your beautiful forgotten hits, and have a chance to keep them in your pockets.

Another favorite throwback that will give you thirst. We all remember the sound of street vendors shouting out with their cooling buckets to keep us. The famous Coca-Cola, Spero Spates and Stella buckets were an inseparable part of our weekends, vacations and daily street roaming. We rarely find them anywhere anymore, and it seems that we’ve all been longing for it. In this collection you will enjoy your favorite drink’s bucket not only during the summer, but throughout the whole year as part of your desk’s accessory. With our buckets pencil holder, you will be able to have a “cool” product for your cool pens.

There is noway we could function nowadays without out smartphones. With the massive production of smart phones, we invest so much in taking care and keeping them safe from all our clumsiness. This collection is made exactly for that and much more. We have added illustrations of our daily street encounters on the back of your phones to keep you entertained and different. Our mobile covers are for all the street roamers out there whom will be in great interest to discover CairoPatterns, our new iPhone covers collection.

Cairo Patterns™ Collection+

Cairo is a city known for the dust that covers it all over. It doesn’t matter where you go or where you come from, it is on our streets, in our homes and more often than not on our clothes. Cairo’s dust is as old as this city, it consists of substances that could be thousands of years old and it has a collection of all that has crossed Cairo.

Somehow, we find great reference to Cairo in Dust. We have sung for it, fought for it and revolted against all sorts of occupations for it.

Our dust never took a one-way road; it always travels through our way only to come back to our space again. What is fascinating about Cairo’s dust, is the questions it raises to us. Where did it come from? Was it always here? Where was this dust yesterday? Was it perhaps on a bridge, in the middle of the city or in a balcony?

But the most important question of all times is what does it really consist of? We have tried to break down the possible formula that is in Cairo’s dust. Our guesses broke down to the following:

Cairo’s dust ingredients:

The base is made out of North African sand and wind. This functions as the essence of our dust.

We speculate that it also consists of organic residues, food leftovers, dead insects, cigarette buds, decomposed plants and paper.

If you look deeper you might find hair, pulp, tea leaves and you name it.

So, what do you think Cairo’s dust consists of?

You Name it!

Throughout history, dust has been a substance that people collect to keep a memory of the place with them. We find people collecting dust from the ruins of war, from their favorite place, of a burnt house and much more.

Collecting dust is like documenting a memory. It is a form of archiving a state.

Cairo’s dust bottles are unique in the sense that each bottle has its own assembly of dust. You will never find two that are alike, you will never find two that have the same combination and you definitely won’t find like it anywhere else.

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