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Professional Cartoonist

Andeel was born in Kafr al-Sheikh in 1986. His uncle told him that his paternal grandfather was a filmmaker who made a feature film called “Horses,” which he took to the Berlin Film Festival. Due to racism, it was overlooked for the big prize though it clearly deserved it, and on the boat back to Egypt he threw the only copy of the film overboard and retired from cinema. Knowledge of this outrage compelled Andeel to move to Cairo and become a professional cartoonist at a very early age, as well as making short films (such as “Who Knows?”, a psychedelic film noir set in the wild west), writing TV scripts, designing newspapers, co-founding “Tok Tok” comics magazine, launching “Radio Kafril Sheikh el Habeeba,” and using Facebook a lot. He is studying for a certificate in social work. In 2012 he got married to a really great woman. You can see his work on his Facebook page, his YouTube page, and his Behance page.

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