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Our dining table is known to be one of the most important parts of our homes. We take care of it, use it and constantly change its décor. Because it is our get together area, our awaited Friday morning spot and our place for all gatherings, we have decided to give it significance in Cairopolitan. We have given our tables a chance to host some of Cairo’s most designated streets details, using our unique crafted tableware. 

In our tableware collection you will find a variety of products that add a nostalgic twist to your home.

From salt and pepper shakers, to coasters, mugs and even toothpicks holders.

Cairopolitan’s tableware collection is not just based on its aesthetic but it is focused on bringing back our favorite street details to life. We work with raw and recycled materials such as pottery, die-cast, wood and acrylic that stem from our forgotten yet greatest Egyptian workshops. We tend to use for each product its original material as to keep its majesty and purity. It helps us give you a product that appreciates the essence of our street details’ functions, material and features. 

Give your table a chance to host a rite Egyptian dinner!

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8 Dar el Shefa st.

Garden City, Cairo

Open daily from 1pm till 9pm Except Sunday.

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