Cairo Prints 2020

Cairo Prints 2020


For quite a long time Cairopolitan has been passionate about monitoring, excavating and acquiring the most special prints from the top established and emerging artists in Egypt and beyond. It was no surprise that prints have always been a dominant form of art from cinema, visual art, to music albums and publications.  

Cairopolitan has decided to break through all barriers and reach all prints enthusiasts

everywhere  by presenting a fine selection of over 250+ artwork and over 50 artists from the region and mostly Egypt, in an exhibition that showcases the special local and regional talents.


  • Artists

    Abdullah Muhammad

    Adam Abdelghaffar

    Ahmad Abdelhameed

    Ahmad Hammoud

    Ahmad Thabit

    Ahmed Badr

    Ahmed Hafez Younis

    Ahmed Hefnawy

    Ahmed Mosaad

    Ahmed Saad

    Akram William

    Alaa El Hadidy

    Ali Heraize

    Alia Wahby


    Archief Cairo

    Aya Marzouk

    Engy Aly

    Eslam Abo El-Enein

    Eyen Design

    George Azmy

    Hani Mahfouz

    Hany Rashed

    Hazem Kamal

    Hicham Rahma

    Hussein Salem

    Ibraheem Youssef

    Maged El Sokkary

    Mahmoud Hamdy

    Menna Hamdy

    Mohammed Shennawy

    Mostafa Youssef

    Muhammad Mustafa

    Nada Adel

    Nada El Sibaey

    Nelly El Sharkawy

    Nora Aly

    Omar Gamal El Din

    Omar Mobarek

    Paula Nageh

    Raghda Motaz

    Salma Al-Gamal

    Salma Hafez

    Sarah Mossallam

    Sedki Alimam

    Shanwar Badr

    Tarek Abdelkawi

    Walid Taher

    Yoakim Eli

    Youssef Ayman


  • Dimensions