• It is known that the mosque of Ibn Tulun has survived years and years without a change in its original form. We decided to turn the beautiful ablution fountain of Ibn Tulun into a tool you can always keep around at your desk; a sharpener. Now you will have a miniature of the original mosque but with a different purpose.

    With Ibn Tulun’s sharpener, you can now have a tool that will sharpen all your pencils, to create something just as beautiful as our mosque.

    مسجد ابن طولون قـد ظـل قائمـاً دون تغييـر في شكله الأصــلي، لذلــك قررنا الحفاظ عــلى شكله الحقيقــي ولكــن أعطيناه وظيفــة مختلفــة. حولنــا ميضــة ابــن طولــون إلى برايــة يمكنك الاحتفاظ بها دائما في مكتبك.

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